Are You Loyal to a Fault?

The Lord told me a long time ago that the more transparent I am, the more His light would shine through me, so I have a little story to tell you.  For the last several months, I have been struggling with the idea of returning to my church.  Since the pandemic, my husband and I have spoken many times about going back into the sanctuary.  We’ve continued to pay our tithes and we are not actively look for another church home.  In 2008, the Lord opened the door to us at our church with a Man of God and First Lady, who were not only our pastors, but our friends, when we truly needed it the most.

So, early one Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit asked me this question, “Have you become loyal to a fault and in essence, lost sight of where I need you to go” and I started to cry.  For me, crying is a sure sign that I am in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and He has truly overwhelmed me.  But as I believe that some of us have done from time to time, I pushed past it and started to go about my day.  Interesting enough my husband got up early to have coffee with me before I went to work (on his day off, on a rainy Sunday morning… I should have known that the Holy Spirit was setting me up!).  So, I got dressed, went down for coffee and simply began to share with my husband what the Holy Spirit had said and I really start to cry to the point that I could hardly speak.  At that moment, I knew that this is another major turning point in my life and in my ministry. 

The Holy Spirit told me to call my Pastor and just share my thoughts.  Over the past 14 years, my Pastor has been there for us through so much.  He and First Lady embraced us with love like we had never experienced before, not just as pastors but as true friends.  I now realize that no matter where the Lord is taking us, we cannot simply walk away without at least a conversation.

If you may remember a few weeks ago, I said that there is someone, including myself, that needs to hear that the Lord has delivered us from our own place of bondage, which is probably not a physical place.  It’s a place in our mind or heart that we have allowed ourselves to be stuck in.  However, it will become a place of the Lord’s provision and protection until we are ready for where He needs us to go, in accordance with His plan.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit then too. 

So, if you have found yourself being “loyal to a fault”, the Lord will allow time for us to let “it” go or He may just have to take “it” away, so that we can move into the place that He has promised us. I now don’t believe that this is about whether I attend a specific church, but more about me being secure in my calling, no matter what!  So, what have you allowed to get in the way of what you were created to do? What has the Lord asked you to let go of?  If you are truly pondering those questions, you may want to have a conversation with Him.  We wouldn’t want Him to have to move “it” for us…  Stay tuned, there’s more to this story!

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