Missed Moments

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Do you have those close friends or relatives that you don’t talk to often, but you are very close?  You may see them on Facebook from time to time, but as life happens, years may go by without actually talking to each other.  But, in a moment, the Holy Spirit will say just call them.  Now this is the challenge, do we take the moment to call or do we put it off or maybe you just text to say Hi. 

Now be honest, how many of you are thinking that I may have lost a close friend?  Well, you can breathe, that’s not the case… But how many of you thought of a close friend or relative that you haven’t spoken to and maybe you need to call?  There are many different scenarios that may come to your mind.  But for me, a few days ago, I received a call from a close friend, and I must admit that when I saw his name on my phone, unfortunately, I knew it wasn’t good news.  He told me that a friend of ours had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the outlook was very bleak. 

This blog post is NOT about death, because we know that it’s not over until God says so, we must keep praying, because miracles still happen every day! Mike was the 2nd person in a week I know that was diagnosed with cancer… but what’s interesting is that as I was preparing this message, I was listening to a message about God is a Healer, coincidence I don’t think so and then when that one ended, I switched to another message and the woman was singing about “A Season of Miracles”, so I posted it and within minutes Mike responded to my post.  So, although I had been reluctant to talk to him, I called him immediately and we had an amazing conversation.  The Holy Spirit always works in mysterious ways. But unfortunately, I also realized that although I worked with Mike for many years, there were moments that I missed, because we were just too busy.

This episode is about LIFE, and we really can’t afford to miss a moment and although, I’m almost sure that we may say that all the time, do we live life to the fullest, being grateful for every moment.  We must admit that the pandemic has changed a lot of things, but it should have made us even more aware that we need to say in better contact with each other than ever before.  We have technology that allows us to see each other’s faces even when we are thousands of miles apart.  Oftentimes, the Holy Spirit will bring someone to mind that you haven’t spoken to, but what about those moments with friends and family that may live right down the street or even in our own homes.  Are we pushing past those moments when our daughter or son may be out of sorts, but they really don’t want to talk about it and we are kinda busy anyway?  Or maybe our spouse is a little more irritable lately, but we know that it too shall past.

Then, on the other hand, a friend texts us to invite us for lunch, but we don’t have time, we’re very busy at work, not realizing that our friend just really needed to talk.  However, technology can be a two-edged sword, because I believe that we have lost the art of communication, to text is faster and easier.  But now, we don’t have the opportunity to read the body language, or sense how people are feeling by just their tone of voice…

Life is too precious, we can’t afford to miss a moment, especially those quiet moments when we need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying…

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