There’s Just No More Room…

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Today’s message is in my confession… so please allow me to explain.  It’s early Sunday morning and I’m lying-in bed and there’s already a thought in my head that’s on instant replay and I’m struggling to really know what my Holy Ghost download would be for this week.  Originally, this message with going to be, “The Noise was Just too Loud”.  The reason being that so many things had gone on last week that my thoughts were so loud and so distracting, that I felt that I had not heard the Holy Spirit the way that I should have. But instead, today’s message is “There was Just no More Room” … or So I thought?” 

While in a mode of self-condemnation, I had to get up, pray and tell God that I was sorry. But as I prayed, He said, “don’t give the enemy that much credit”, you still heard me, you just ran out of room in your mind for ME.  So, my message to you today is that we cannot afford to get so overwhelmed with the cares of life that it feels like we have run out of room in our minds nor our hearts for God. We must make sure there’s always space for those things that the Holy Spirit brings to our minds that we need to hear, so that we will know what He needs us to do. 

Once I had talked with the Lord, I got up off my knees and the Holy Ghost downloads were flowing.  So, although, there were other “feel good” messages that I thought that you would prefer today, the Holy Spirit said no. Have you ever got in a debate with the Holy Spirit?  I know that has never happened to you, but it’s happened to me and let me tell you, Number One, it’s a very bad idea and Number Two, you are NOT going to win.  So, while I tried to share something that I thought you would prefer to read, I opened my Bible plan for the morning and it said, “At times, our lives are so full of other stuff that we aren’t giving God space to move through us!” So, of course, I had to concede and give you what the Holy Spirit had given me for you.  There’s someone reading that needs to know that although it feels like they’ve allowed other things to occupy the Lord’s space and He wants you to know that [He] is able, [and wants to], through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. … but we must be sure that we make room.

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Now before I go, I want to share with you the moral of this story.  On Friday morning, on top of everything that was already in my head, we discovered water leaking from the ceiling into my family room.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but ultimately, the problem was resolved, and fairly quickly, I might add.  But what’s funny, is that on Sunday morning, after prayer and I’d allowed the Holy Spirit to put things into perspective, my husband asked me to come and sit beside him. He said that he remembered the time that I would have absolutely “spazzed out”, when I realized that the ceiling was leaking, and he is soooooo right.  He said that wouldn’t have gotten any sleep and he wouldn’t have either.  But all I could say, was I’ve grown… the Holy Ghost had given me a calm that made no sense. There was an assurance that the problem would be resolved, and my only real concern was that it would cost me a fortune, which it did not.  So, it was interesting and sort of funny at the same time, to realize I hadn’t truly run out of room.  Those things that we would consider huge, are never so big that they will occupy all of God’s space in our mind and heart. The Lord will do His part, if we let me, so that we can do our part… and I’m sure that that goes for you too…

Provided that you always take a quiet moment to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

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