We Must Do It His Way

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Today, I want to speak to all of you who may be trying to emulate the way others have done things in the past and have expected the same results.   In the world of the social media, there is a proven method of success for everything; for example, starting a new business, making your first million and yes, even losing weight.  But it’s interesting that although millions of people may try these methods, they may not achieve the same results. I believe that some of us may have diminished our own self-worth and sabotaged our goals, dreams, and desires by trying to be who “they” thought we should be and do it the way that thought that it should be done. But many of us are now discovering that to achieve the Lord’s desired results, “We Must do it His Way”!

Last week, I briefly spoke about Dr. Dharius Daniels’ message entitled, “This Doesn’t Fit”.  Although last week, I focused on the end of the message, today, I’d like to talk about the message itself.  Dr. Daniels spoke about the story of David and Goliath, and although, it is a familiar story, he focused on the fact that when David fought Goliath, it was in a way that everyone, including Goliath, thought would never work.  The Israelites had underestimated David’s ability.  King Saul tried to convince David that he should wear his armor and carry his sword. David had to tell the king, who he respected very highly, that he just couldn’t fight the giant his way. King Saul’s armor was just too big. The armor didn’t fit. David had to go with what he knew.

We too may have to push past what others may say just won’t work and do it the way that is authentic to who we are and any other way, just won’t work. We may find that what others consider our biggest disadvantage may play out to work in our favor.

Each of us have been given a specific assignment by the Lord and although, it may look like someone else’s, ours is different.  The Holy Spirit has shown each of us a unique way to develop, implement and executeHis plan to achieve His desired results.  We must do it His Way!  We cannot afford to sacrifice our innate ability, our God-given gifts and talents, for the sake of being successful, according to society and cultural standards.

How do we define “success”?

As you ponder that question, remember to always take a quiet moment to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying….

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