What’s waiting for You right around the Next Bend?

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In a recent social media post, I asked the question, “When is the last time that you looked back and celebrated just how far you have come and yet looked ahead to what’s in store for you.  I’m 65 and I know that God has a lot more for me to do… How about you? Your very next turn may revolutionize your entire life. So, I wonder, have we stop striving to be our very best selves? We may be oblivious to the fact that a life changing experience for someone just might come through us.  Now is not the time to become complacent… because we don’t know what waiting for us just around the next bend.

I was listening to a message the other day and the preacher defined “complacency” by asking five interesting questions:

  1. Are we no longer striving to do our best in all areas, as a woman first, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, etc.? Now I must stop here for just a moment…There is a way to strive for excellence in our lives, without being busier that we already are, and I’ll explain more about that later.
  2. Are we operating off an old playbook? Doing the same old things, the same old way and expected new results.
  3. Are we seeking to take new opportunities? Increasing our knowledge, learning new skills, exploring new business ventures.
  4. Are we building new relationships or are we hanging around in the same old circles and no one is growing or maturing?
  5. And this one has bothered me for years and continues to bother me at times and that is not sharing my ideas and opinions, because I am afraid of being wrong?

Complacency expects reward without sacrifice.  We have often heard it said that whatever is worth having is worth working for.  So, I’m sure you’re wondering how do I do all of this “work”, when my plate is already full?   Above all, don’t do anything without the Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It has been/is his good pleasure to give you the will [the desire] and the to do [the ability/power].

Philippians 2:13 (Paraphrased)

This may be hard to believe, but our journey to becoming our best selves, just might begin with saying “no” to those things that may be counterproductive to our mission.  We can only do so many things well.  In my corporate days, we called them the “Vital Few”.  We must establish our priorities, set boundaries and be strategic.

Now don’t worry, there will be moments when we may feel insecure or inadequate, but just remember that the Lord has put everything we need to fulfill our assignment in us.  It’s in those moments that we need to celebrate what we have achieved thus far.  It doesn’t have to be finished to be good! God himself said that we would be a work in process until Christ returns. Philippians 1:6 (Paraphrased). However, he did not say to stop making progress, but celebrate every step.

The steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the LORD: and He delights in every detail of our lives.

Psalms 37:23 (Paraphrased)

Before I leave you, I want you to think of that one person who is always pushing you to move into new territory.  Has that person become your worst enemy or your greatest hero?  Think about it… It just might be the Holy Spirit nagging you to do what He needs you to do. 

It’s time to birth our next miracle, so we will be required to push! 

We can’t afford to get tired, our next blessing, our next assignment is just right around the next bend and remember to…

Always take a quiet moment to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

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