Are you Knocking on the Door?

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We often speak about the Lord opening doors.  Our doors of opportunity to thrive and prosper in this life.  But my question is:  Are you knocking on the door?… or are you just waiting for the door to open?  Are you listening for your next assignment or are you avoiding the one that you’ve already been given?

I heard a familiar bible story the other day about when Moses was telling God to call someone else to speak to His people…

10 But Moses pleaded with the Lord, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled.” 11 Then the Lord asked Moses, “Who makes a person’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say.” 13 But Moses again pleaded, “Lord, please! Send anyone else.” 14 Then the Lord became angry with Moses.

Exodus 4:10-14a

The pastor reminded me and although I had probably read right by it, that this is the first time in the Bible that “God’s anger was kindled”, because Moses had told Him that he couldn’t do what God had already given him the ability to do.  How many times have we “annoyed” the Lord by trying to convince Him that He must has called the wrong person?  Are we trying to avoid the door or are we knocking on the door?

Obviously, there are a number of questions that need your answers.  Over the past few weeks, we have talked about “Our Story”.  We all have one, but more importantly, God have given us a plot, a purpose and a calling that is pervasive throughout our story.  The future that we hope for, should be one that has fulfilled the purpose that God has created for us to accomplish.  So, are you knocking or are you just waiting for the door to open? If you haven’t already, may I suggest that you move toward the closed door, I believe that the door is motion-sensored. Then try to open the door and if it don’t open, then it t’aint your door.

But don’t stop there, go to the next door and as we go…

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. 

Matthew 7:7-8

While you’re knocking…

  • Prepare:  Have a plan!
  • Progress: Be ready for new things!
  • Prosper: Push Forward and Seek the impossible!

Be persistent and keep on knocking …God it’s me again! Knock through the NO’s!  Move forward by faith, without an explanation. By the way, if you are still waiting for God’s Big Reveal, I’m here to tell that for whatever, He needs you to do, the ability in already in you, it’s always been in you, which makes it even more important for you to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying…

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