Don’t Assume!

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I feel like I can breathe again! I must update you on the week of anxiety that I experienced the week before last. As I mentioned, the issue was on instant replay in my mind for the entire week. Ultimately, I realized that I had made an assumption, justified my assumption and drew my own conclusion. Some of you may be able to relate… or maybe not. In the midst of my self-induced mental chaos, the Holy Spirit was trying to direct me to the truth when He said “Set your heart on things above”. But I’m the first to admit that I’m a work in progress. Obviously, I’m an overthinker, but I can allow that to be my excuse to attempt to resolve issues on my own. Here are a few of my lessons learned I continue to learn and I’d like to share with you….

  1. DON’T ASSUME! We can not afford to muttle in the realm of reasoning as we attempt to figure it out on our own. Our minds are not meant to be trusted.
  2. Seek the Truth in every situation. The Truth comes in the form of guidance, direction and instruction from the Holy Spirit. If you are ever unsure if it’s Him speaking, He will always confirm His voice with God’s Word.
  3. Get the Facts! There are specific details that you may need in order to take action, if you are so directed by the Holy Spirit. However, He seldom gives you all the details.

I truly believe that these three simple steps would have saved me a lot of anxiety and worry about something that was ultimately out of my control. Sound familiar? Our thoughts and behaviors can become toxic, IF we let them. They will literally poison our minds and bodies, if we don’t…

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It’s ALWAYS extremely important to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying….

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