A Faith Anchor

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I pray that you don’t mind if we continue our discussion on Faith. I truly believe that faith or the lack of faith is at the heart of our biggest challenges and our greatest struggles. As we know Hebrews 11:1, the Faith scripture is very familiar. I’ve always been told that God’s Word, the Bible is “alive” and new truths will constantly be revealed to us through the Holy Spirit. This is why it is so important for us to read our bibles in anticipation of revelations, especially if we’re waiting on an answer from God or we just may need to be inspired or encouraged for the day(s) ahead.

So, last week the Holy Spirit showed me something about the Faith scripture that I don’t believe I’ve truly seen before. Hebrews 11:1 has 2 distinct parts that must operate as 1:

NOW Faith is the substance or tangible, solid presence of things hoped for; … which speaks of our belief in God Himself, truly knowing that God exists. We see His creation all around us. [AND] the evidence or proof of things not seen, which means Believing Knowing that God is going to do exactly what He says.

Hebrews 11:1

Now, many of you may be saying, so what’s do different? My perspective! My Revelation! In my most humble opinion, the second part is my challenge, “how in the world is He going to work this out this time?” This is why we need a Faith Anchor, that person or persons that keeps us grounded, who constantly reminds us that God has NEVER failed us yet and He NEVER will! My Faith Anchor is my husband. Now before you put on the rose colored glasses, our journey has not been easy. Side Note: if you’re married, been married or looking forward to being married, marriage can be tough at times, enough said. However, it is through those tough times that the Lord has allowed our faith to grow stronger together. God promised that our latter years would be greater than our former. Our first 25 years or so together were pretty rough, but I must say that the last several years, although still not a cake walk, have been so, so much better. There’s a sense of peace that we have that can’t be explained, no matter the situation. But I must admit, I more readily consult the Holy Spirit before speaking these days and I’m sure that he does too.

After reflecting back over the highlights of my Faith journey, I decided to ask my husband “What does faith mean to you?” and this is what he said…

“Believing in something that you have no reason to believe in. When times may not be easy, you have to trust in the Lord to be true to His Word. If God ever goes back on His Word, the entire world would cease to exist.”

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Who is your Faith Anchor? We all need one. It could be our parent, a sibling, a friend, even our grown child, someone that we can confide in and trust. Someone to pull us up from our lowest point, someone to be that light when we’re in a dark place and yet someone to share our joy, our happiness and our successes. But if you don’t have that someone, Christ Jesus, our Lord, is always standing by waiting to take your hand, just when you’re about to go under.. Ask Peter!

So, in those challenging times when you need just a little more faith and there’s no one else around, don’t forget to take a quiet moment to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying…

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