Welcome to Holy Ghost Downloads

Before you continue to scroll because you believe that I’ve gone a little TOO deep, please give me a moment to explain. I truly believe that our spiritual, emotional and mental health has been taking a beating for almost two years. For some, it’s been a Lot longer… We have been bombarded by the state of the country and the world, in addition to being overwhelmed by our own personal experiences with COVID, grief and loss. Although, there’s a societal push for our lives to get back to “normal”, by returning to the office and schools reopening, we still have a Long way to go. For the past year, my mantra has been “Moving Forward by Faith”, but now I believe that we are trying to move too fast. My goal for the next few/several blog posts will be to inspire and encourage you with a moment or two of spiritual renewal, refreshing, restoration and revelation. I’ve entitled these moments as “Holy Ghost Downloads” and although I will to use words, “Lord”, “God” and biblical scriptures, because that is my frame of reference, I would ask that how ever you need to frame it, please don’t miss the message.

So let’s begin by giving you my definition of download in this context. The word “download” is a term the describes an act or instance of transferring data or information from a larger computer [The Holy Ghost] to a smaller device [our minds and then ultimately into our spirit]. That’s as deep as it’s going to get, for now. For me, in the early morning, especially when I’m fighting to stay asleep, my mind starts racing. Many times, it’s stuff that I would really rather not dwell on, but then, there are times of spiritual revelation, instruction and direction. You have probably had the same experiences, but you may have been so busy with life that you didn’t have time to notice.

If you are still with me and I hope that you are, my prayer is that as I share with you a few of the Holy Ghost downloads that I’ve experienced, that you will begin to acknowledge your own spiritual downloads and some of the pieces of your life will begin to fall back into place. It is so important that will take a moment to be inspired and encouraged, so that we are able to then share a moment or two with someone else.

Let’s Speak Life and Light!
Stay Tuned for “We are going to walk across the Red Sea on Dry Land”

We welcome your thoughts and comments, you may share the exact word that someone else needs to hear…

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